Daily Message - 12th June

Tarot card pulled: King of Cups.

Today's energy seems to be about balance - balancing the heart and the mind, just being really in tune with yourself.

I also feel like the card pulled today is a continuation of yesterday's message which you can read here. Now, if there is something that your sights are set on, your heart really wants or there is this inner knowing that someday you will have a certain something but it just feels really far away right now then I want to say one thing to you...if what you want is positive, feels right and can actually be made a reality then hold on to your dream, with both hands and don't give up.

But that needs to be paired with action. Interestingly though, I don't feel like today is about taking major action but rather these two things:

1. Accepting that what you want probably requires a lot of research, planning, hard work and perseverance.

2. Really thinking or preparing to think about how you're going to get what you want or at least bring it closer to you

Getting what you want could also require a ton of creativity, whether that is thinking differently, making use of a special skill you have or wisdom gained, taking full advantage of something that is unique about you or embracing your artistic side, for example. Or you might just need to listen to yourself and trust yourself. Or maybe it's time to speak to someone you trust and respect - someone that is cool, calm, collected and wise because they might be able to help you get or stay balanced, steer you towards clarity or a different perspective or just give you some really good advice.

Either way, know that you have the ability to achieve amazing things. Be patient. Be prepared to actually do what it takes. And lastly, try to be open and let any ideas, thoughts and feelings flow. If something comes to you (an idea or a way of doing something, for example) but you think it's silly or won't work, don't dismiss it. Instead, maybe write it down and really consider it or revisit it another time to see whether or not there is something to it.

You've got this! Believe it.

Chelle x

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