Daily Message - 13th June

Tarot card pulled: Page of Pentacles.

You may feel inspired today to learn something new, carry out some research, make a plan or actually get to work on something. And there could be this feeling in the air of "I'm on my way" or at least "I'm about to be on my way". A burst of energy, good ideas or even good news could also come out of nowhere today and if it does, take it and run with it!

I also feel like once you start something today, and it doesn't matter whether it's something big, small or a long list of to-dos, you'll find yourself feeling happy and content. Either whilst you're working away or by the end of the day.

Now, if someone at work or in your life wants to work on something with you, build something or just help you out then consider saying "yes". Gracefully receive and accept any appropriate gifts, offers of help, compliments or even useful information. And grab hold of any good opportunities that come your way. Today we shall reject thoughts such as "I don't deserve this", "I shouldn't be here" or "What's the point in trying?" - no thank you!

Celebrate anything you achieve today, any wins, anything good; again it doesn't matter if it's something big or small. Just enjoy everything and don't forget to pat yourself on the back! And if someone wants to celebrate you then let them!

Chelle x

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