Daily Message - 14th June

Tarot card pulled: Six of Swords.

If you find that there is someone in your life today that is feeling down, acting out of character or just coming across really argumentative, angry, rude or unreasonable then I feel there will be a need to not react immediately or behave in the same way that they do. 

Shower any conflict or negativity with kindness today, if you can, because sometimes love, light and positive energy is needed in those moments where things could easily escalate or go in a direction it wasn't meant to. It might be super difficult but try to be mindful of what you say, how you say it or the actions you take.

But if you are the one who is going through a difficult time, especially mentally then please try to be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to feel so that you can begin processing your emotions and what you are going through. Then when you're ready, try to refill your emotional cup (by practising self-care or doing something you really love, for example). Or connect with others who can support you, who care and who can pour love into you.

For anyone travelling today or moving house, stay safe and try to keep stress levels to a minimum. But if things do get stressful, keep thinking about how good it will feel when you've finally arrived at your destination and the journey is all done and dusted! Actually the same applies if you have to be around people today that you'd rather not be, get some space where you can and keep thinking about that amazing feeling of arriving home (that's if they're not in your home, of course. In which case, I'm sending you love and light!).

Chelle x

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