Daily Message - 17th June

Tarot card pulled: Knight of Cups.

Today (or a moment in the day) could feel like it's moving slowly. Or you might feel like there's a lack of movement with someone or something you are working on. Sometimes that is for a reason - for you to notice something or for something to be revealed, for example.

But sometimes, there is a need to move things along yourself! A kick up the backside could be required! It's really about judgement, does this person, situation or project need more time or is the time up? It's your call.

If you really haven't given something or someone time or a fair chance then patience is most likely required. But if you have been waiting and waiting for something or working away at something and you're just not seeing progress then today might be a day for action. Some shrewd thinking and behaviour!

And if that's the case, make use of all your resources today, think outside the box (ew so cliché, I know) and consider doing something you wouldn't normally do. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and make moves. Boldness, strategy and activating stealth mode can get things done and get you places!

Just remember the key word here - judgement. 

Chelle x

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