Daily Message - 18th June

Tarot card pulled: Two of Wands.

It's interesting that I pulled this card for today because it's almost a continuation of yesterday's message about getting out of your comfort zone!

Do you stay in your comfort zone where it feels safe or do you go? Choices, choices. The thing is, if we keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result...well, I'm sure you've heard that quote about insanity. So, if you want a different result you might need to try something different today. And that could be in regards to your life in general or problem solving, growing your business or taking a project to the next level (at work or a creative/passion project), for example.

Ways to get a different result could include:

  • Collaborating with others when you normally do everything by yourself or getting advice from someone experienced or that you trust/respect
  • Learning something new / Trying new things. And keeping an open mind
  • Getting creative - either artistically or in the way that you think
  • Working on increasing your finances - money can help you achieve a lot of things
  • Travelling or working/spending time in a different environment
  • Taking a risk (nothing dangerous of course!)
  • Being courageous / Just saying "Yes" and actually going after what you really want
  • Revisiting an old idea, project or something that you used to love that you maybe forgot about or didn't give a fair shot
  • Making use of any gifts - those you are naturally born with (or a talent) or physical/monetary gifts you have received from others
  • Simply making more of an effort...(yes I said it!) or simplifying something you might have been making complicated

Just some ideas.

And just going back to choices briefly as we do have a two card today...if you do have a decision to make about something today then really think about each option and what each one has to offer. What feels right to you? But in addition to that, consider that new experiences, growth/learning opportunities and change could be just what you need. Are you going to stick with what you know/what feels safe or go for something different? Ultimately, as always, the choice is yours!

Chelle x

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