Daily Message - 21st June

Tarot card pulled: Three of Pentacles.

Today could see you collaborating with others or spending time with someone who is or reveals themselves to be very intelligent, a good conversationalist or very clear and direct. Either way, you could find that working with others or having a good conversation with someone helps with getting things done today, gaining clarity in the mind or figuring out your direction/next step with something. As they say, sometimes two heads (or even three) are better than one!

New ideas/inspiration could come to you sparking a desire to explore your creative side, try something new, learn something new, look into different career options/make a career plan or research new ways to make money/grow your business or side hustle.

Alternatively, you may feel the need to get rid of anything that is causing confusion or creating clutter. So, you may decide to get rid of things you just don't need on your desk, in your car, in your house or even in your mind, for example. A truth or new information could even come to light today which then helps to clear up any confusion or mental clutter!

Today just seems like a day of discovery with an underlying tone of cutting the crap!

Chelle x

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