Daily Message - 26th June

Tarot card pulled: The Sun.

You can bet on the sun doing its job every day, even if you can't see it or feel its heat. It just keeps showing up, whether we appreciate it or not. And I suspect that you're just like the sun...you keep showing up every day, pushing forward, trying, being the amazing person that you are. And whether you know it or not, it matters. You, your light, your energy, your love, your kindness, the nice things that you say or do, it all matters, even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

So, today celebrate all the wonderful things that make you...you! Sometimes we forget to do that.

The Sun card always reminds me not to take life so seriously! So, in addition to celebrating yourself, try to add some fun into your day. Do something that will make you happy and help you reconnect to yourself, your fun side.

I hope that today brings you nothing but good things and positive vibes. But even if something not so positive comes to light today or it turns out that you were right about something you had a hunch on, take any positive parts of what is revealed and leave the rest. Try not to let anything that won't matter in the grand scheme of things bother you today. Let the optimism flow - everything will work out, everything will be ok!

And if the sun is shining wherever you are today, maybe take a moment to sit outside and enjoy it!

Chelle x

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