Daily Message - 31st May

Tarot card pulled: Knight of Wands.

Life sometimes lacks fun, excitement and passion, especially when every day feels the same, you feel stuck or you just get lost adulting which can easily suck the joy out of pretty much everything!

Excuse me but no, life is for living! And so that is the message for today - go and have some fun! Find something that makes you smile, makes you happy. And if you've been in the house for days or you've been spending a lot of time alone then go out or spend time with friends, family or your partner/person that you're into. We reject sad and lonely vibes over here!

So, fight any negative thoughts or feelings with everything you have. Believe that everything will be ok, you deserve good things and they will come to you.

And if there is something that you want to do, go ahead and do it! Believe in yourself today, move with confidence and be fearless.

Chelle x

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