Daily Message - 5th June

Tarot card pulled: Six of Cups.

Gifts can be wonderful things. And I'm talking about both the gifts that we receive because someone wants to give us something and the gift of being blessed with a talent, natural skill or an amazing set of personality traits, for example.

Sometimes we forget about gifts though or we can't see any or all the advantages of the gift we have been given. So today, take a look at any gifts that you have received or have within and see if you can use them to bring more happiness, peace or even stability to your life today. Or even the lives of others!

Share your gift, let it be seen or let it be used - don't hide it away! And don't you hide away either. Reconnect with not only yourself but the things, ideas, dreams or even people that once made you happy.

Lastly, be open to receiving good things and believe that you will.

Chelle x

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