Daily Message - 6th June

Tarot card pulled: King of Cups.

My first thought today when I pulled this card was "Treat everything and everyone with love and care today". And that includes yourself. I'd like to add compassion to the mix too.

This especially applies if you are feeling lonely right now, if things are not good financially or work wise, you're feeling lost, confused or stuck or you just feel majorly out of balance (in your life or within).

Today looks to be about filling your emotional cup and finding balance. So, try to go with the flow of the day rather than rushing around or forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do. And I understand that life doesn't always let you slow down, but if you can today, try and make it a self-care kind of day.

Here are some things you could do today:

  • Talk to someone about how you feel or what's going on in your life
  • Spend time with friends and family rather than being alone even if you don't really want to talk
  • Connect with nature / go for a walk with music or a positive podcast
  • Eat good food and stay hydrated
  • Get some rest
  • Think about your dreams and goals. Then start making a plan (not in your head)...write it down and include at least one action point that you could work on today or in the near future that will help you make your dreams a reality or achieve your goal/s

Reconnect with how you feel, your dreams and goals, people and spaces where you feel loved, safe and calm. And even if you're feeling totally fine and you feel like today's message doesn't really resonate, then maybe this message is here to act as a reminder for you to check in on your friends and loved ones as they may need love, care and compassion from you today.

Chelle x

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