Daily Message - 7th June

Tarot card pulled: Four of Cups.

A shift in mindset looks like it's needed today. I also feel like I need to split the message into two parts...

For my singles

Trust me, I know that the dating pool can be GRIM but there are still good people out there. Not all people are liars, time wasters, entitled, weirdos and so on...you get my drift. Please believe that your person is out there and you will find each other when you are meant to.

For now, enjoy your single time, because you know what happens when you meet your person? You will have another person to think about! It won't just be about you any more - there will be thoughts and feelings flying around, conversations will be had, your free time won't just be for you anymore and the list goes on. So I'm saying, let your single time be for doing you. Doing what you want or need to do - heal, rest, get clear on what you want or deserve, socialise, have fun, work on being the very best version of yourself.

Sometime we forget how amazing we actually are. And sometimes we forget how powerful it is when we're just doing our thing - working, socialising, being amazing people, looking good, feeling good. That can attract people to you like a moth to a flame. So, please don't forget how amazing you are. Love yourself, do you and just know that your person will come!

For my people feeling down, feeling disappointed, feeling like nothing good will ever come their way or feeling like life will never get better or easier

Ok so, let me tell you something...you deserve to have good things, good people, good moments and so much more in your life. Please don't ever tell yourself otherwise! I know life is crappy sometimes but always remember that it has its ups and downs. And the down time will not last forever so believe that goodness is on the way and be open to receiving it all! The past, negative thinking or disillusion will not win today! Say "yes" to positive thinking. And say "yes" to any good opportunities or invitations that come your way if it feels right!

Chelle x

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