Weekend Message - 22nd June to 23rd June 2024

Tarot card pulled: King of Swords.

Following on from part of yesterday's message about clarity and cutting the crap, it looks like there's a need for good, honest (potentially overdue) conversations this weekend which will most likely clear up a thing or two! And I feel like money could be the topic of the hour...

So, honest conversations could be had regarding spending with someone close to you. Or there could be conversations around how to make the most of or increase household income, for example. You could even be on the receiving end of some advice this weekend, potentially from an older person who does not play games when it comes to money. They're someone who is just next level intelligent or responsible when it comes to that. Or you could be the one giving advice to someone else!

Alternatively, you may just get real with yourself regarding your relationship with money or how your career, business or side hustle is going. There could be thoughts around why money is often/always tight, why you're not able to fulfil a big dream/take action with something or why there's no real movement regarding your career, business or side hustle. And that may lead you to make a solid plan to try and change things for the better. Or ideas could come to you this weekend that could really help you see movement in the near future.

But if money is good for you right now, then this weekend's card could be inviting you to give yourself some royal treatment! Maybe it's time to get out of your head, spend some money and live a little! So, if your finances are in order and you have some money to spare then go get that thing you want, do whatever you've been dreaming of doing or help someone you care about if they need it (if you want to, of course!).

Have an amazing weekend. Until next week!

Chelle x

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