Weekend Message - 29th June to 30th June 2024

Tarot card pulled: Ace of Wands.

An amazing idea or even an opportunity could come to you this weekend which could help you move forward with something or take you down a new path. Or you may feel inspired to get creative, try something new, go out/travel or have a clear out of old stuff to make way for the new. Now, if what you want to do seems difficult or you feel like it might take a while, The Ace of Wands is saying do it anyway! You can do whatever it is that you want to do, just start and don't worry about anything else! Try, because the results could surprise you and you just never know where your efforts could lead.

It's also a don't give up kind of card and a sign of new beginnings - so keep moving forward. And try to have some fun this weekend! Especially if you work hard or have been down, stressed or busy lately. We've got to have balance in life and you deserve to be happy and have good times!

There is a song that will not stop playing in my head this morning so I thought I would share it with you - Life Will Be, Cleo Sol. Have a listen as it might mean something to you this weekend. I really love the lyrics!

I hope this weekend brings you nothing but good things! Until next week!

Chelle x

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